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Funeral of one of our members, Dr John Crosby, yesterday. Hard to describe the mixture of emotions, but a large turnout by the Choir, gave him a good send off with "Anthem" and "Rachie".

It is that time of year to start something new- why not pop along to the hall next to Temple Methodist Church in #Taunton on any Wednesday evening at 7.30, and check us out? Nothing to lose, and it may change your life!

Hello all you choirs out there on Twitter- do any of you now use Zoom to transmit live concerts to a wider audience? If so, how is it going? Got to be worth looking into at the very least?

Nothing for 18 months, then three concerts in quick succession, 30 October at Tacchi-Morris, 6 Nov at Temple Methodist Church, and 11 December at St Andrews. Getting back up to speed again

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