Management and Musicians


President                              David Gill

Chairman                              Jeff Garland

Vice-Chairman                      John Hudson

Secretary                              Brian Lewis

Treasurer                              Peter Wheeler

Concert Secretary                 Philip Knowles

Librarian                               Richard Venn

Publicity Officer                    Philip Knowles

Joint Social Secretaries        Mike Fortune & Stuart Gifford

Musical Director                   Nick Thomas

Section Leader-1st Tenor    Derek Parsons

Section Leader–2nd Tenor   Richard Venn

Section Leader–1st Bass     Martin Langford

Section leader–2nd Bass     Duncan Hughes 


Musical Director                                Nick Thomas

Assistant Musical Director                Vacancy

Chairman                                          Jeff Garland

Librarians                                         Richard Venn

Music Representative – 1st Tenor    Derek Parsons

Music Representative – 2nd Tenor   Bob Cowling

Music Representative – 1st Bass      Alan Hooper

Music Representative – 2nd Bass     Tony Smith

CONCERT TEAM 2023/2024

Concert Secretary     Philip Knowles

Musical Director        Nick Thomas

Assistant Conductor  Vacancy

Accompanist             Mike Wager

Concert Managers     Various

Presenters                Philip Knowles

                                  Barry Havenhand

Stage Manager          Alf Anstee

Deputy S/M               Jeff Garland

Riser Team                Jeff Garland

Health and Safety     Tony  Waite  

Publicity                    Vacancy

Ticket Sales              Terry Stirzaker

CD Sales                   Peter Wheeler

Hospitality                Stuart Gifford

Coach Travel             Vacancy

Webmaster                      Chris Evans